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With our firm, you will work one on one with a director from start to finish. Direct cremation removes a multitude of requirements and time sensitive pressures of a funeral. We will take the responsibility to ensure all steps are handled to the highest standards possible. Placing importance on each one of these steps requires an accountable, professional staff driven to serve. We will keep our promises and keep it simple.


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Cremation and Obituaries in Florida

Costs involved, privacy concerns and social media has drastically reduced the amount of obituaries we have helped our families submit over the years.

Obituaries in Florida are not generally required and most papers will allow submission from the family. It is strongly recommended that two family members proofread and are not rushed. You are essentially paying for display advertising.  

We will work with one newspaper as part of our service. The newspaper editor's guidelines determines content and format that actually appears in a newspaper. If a newspaper requires any fees, the family will be responsible to cover those fees. We will not obligate you to any fees without your approval.  Obituaries requested by the family to be submitted to additional papers by us, incurs an additional fee for each newspaper requested.

We are glad to assist with whatever may be best for your family.

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